Clean Up Columbia

Socketeers took the time to Clean Up Columbia Saturday April 9. Check out the pictures below of us sprucing up our neighborhood.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Clean Up Columbia click on the link above.

Adopt a Highway - April 2011     Adopt a Spot - April 2011

Adopt a Spot - April 2011    Adopt a Spot - April 2011

4-12-11 Fiber Planning Underway

Much progress has been made in the planning stage of the project since the announcement. Initial construction surveying has begun to determine exactly where the fiber will be buried. However, at this time, we are waiting for the environmental clearances we need from the federal government to begin construction. When we get environmental clearance, we will be ready to begin placing fiber in the ground.

Who is Socket

Founded in 1994, Socket is a Missouri-based telephone and Internet service provider with the largest service area in the state.

Socket is a privately held company that provides families and businesses a choice for local and long-distance phone and Internet service. We combine the highest quality customer service with in-depth technical knowledge.

Our network serves more than 20,000 residents and businesses in more than 400 Missouri cities, and our customers enjoy simple billing and quick, friendly service.

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