10th True/False Film Festival Underway

True False Film Festival box office

The time has finally come, and the 10th annual True/False Film Festival has officially started!
Socket is proud to once again sponsor this event, which features more than 40 films at 9 locations throughout Columbia.
We stopped by the box office in downtown Columbia earlier today, and it was pretty packed. We're excited to see so many local residents and out-of-town visitors, and we're certain this year's films and events will not disappoint.
If you're planning to attend the festival, head over to www.truefalse.org. There you'll find info on:
·         What films are playing, when and where.
·         How to buy tickets and passes (yes, you may still be able to).
·         Accessories and merchandise available for purchase at the box office.
·         The True/False 5K run to be held this Saturday morning.

Congratulations to True/False on its 10th year, and best wishes for a great event!

Is It True Or Is It False?

True False LogoIt's hard to believe it's already the 10th Anniversary of the True/False Film Festival, and we're proud to be sponsoring this local gem for what promises to be its biggest year yet!

Stop by downtown Columbia between Feb. 28-March 3 to join in the fun - there are some fantastic films being hosted, as well as the usual festivities all around town. There will be regular showtimes in over 9 locations around Columbia ranging from Jesse Hall to Ragtag Cinema on Hitt St, with lots to do in between.

This year’s list of films features 42 titles in all, including 6 secret screenings to be announced at a later date. The event draws several out-of-town visitors and even some national attention in recent years. With articles on sites like Indiewire.com already touting how great the festival is, this year's festival is likely to boast record attendance.

Get information on True/False passes. 

For a list of this year’s films, check out their program online.

We hope to see you there!

Socket Takes the Polar Plunge!

Socket Polar Plunge 2013We’ll answer the obvious question first – yes, it was really, really, really cold.

But we still had a lot of fun at this year’s Polar Plunge, which raised more than $93,000 for Special Olympics Missouri! That’s a lot of money for just a few moments of frigid discomfort!

We also loved seeing everyone’s costumes – our team featured several of the Avengers, a caveman, an astronaut, and John McClane (of Die Hard), just to name a few. And a few of our personal favorite costumes from the other teams included the Tetris blocks, the Zombie Prom Queens, and Mega Man, whose costume appeared to be duct-taped to their body. That's dedication!

A huge thanks to Special Olympics Missouri for letting us help sponsor this fantastic event. We can’t wait until next year’s plunge (but here’s to hoping it’ll be just a few degrees warmer)!

Socket Is Ready To Plunge

2012 Polar PlungeFor a while, it was looking like the weather would do us a favor… but it turns out the Polar Plunge this weekend will be living up to its name.

Don’t worry – it hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm (pun intended). In fact, a few of our number are excited that it’s gotten cold again.

We worry about them. If you’d like to see over 20 Socketeers in costume jumping into a freezing lake, or even better, if you’d like to support Special Olympics Missouri, come on out to the Polar Plunge this Saturday at 2 PM, at Stephens Lake. We'll be part of the costume parade (see if you can guess all the fictional characters we're dressed up as)!

If you would like to support Socket's team, visist our Polar Plunge Team Page.

And to our fellow plungers this weekend - Geronimo! We can’t wait!

New Area Now Live Near Highway HH

fiber internet and phone cabinet on highway HH in Callaway CountyWe are happy to announce another expansion of our fiber network in Callaway County. Construction has been completed and an additional fiber cabinet has been installed along Highway HH northwest of Fulton.

The addition of this cabinet to our network will now allow us to serve a good deal of the customers within our coverage area north of Highway HH.

The passive fiber cabinet will distribute light across our fiber optic network to and from customers' homes without requiring a power source of any kind. We consider this to be an advantage on our network because it allows us to expand our coverage area without adding new equipment vulnerable to power failures.

We have already been accepting orders in the area, and will now begin scheduling installations for customers in the vicinity. Enter your address to view package options and go-live dates for your area and sign up for fiber services online if eligible.
For more information about Socket's Rural Fiber Project, please visit www.socket.net/fiber or give us a call at 1-800-762-5383.

Do I Need an Antivirus Program?

In summary, yes!  But don’t panic – it’s not very complicated, no matter what those flashing pop-ups and late night TV ads might tell you.

An antivirus program helps defend your computer from malware – “malicious software” – which includes not just viruses, but trojans and worms too. (We’ll explain the differences in a second.) To make sure you’re getting the best out of your antivirus software, only use one (as multiple programs are likely to interfere with each other) and make sure it is always up to date. An antivirus program has to be constantly given new information about current threats in order to be effective.

Here are a few types of threats that antivirus software can help keep away from your computer:

  • Virus: A code that attaches itself to a piece of software you already have. When you attempt to use that software, the virus will activate. It is also capable of replicating itself in order to spread to other computers (thus the name “virus”).
  • Worm: Unlike a virus, it can run independently of any software, making it easier for it to infect your computer. It, too, is capable of self-replication.
  • Trojan: Named after the Trojan Horse, it masquerades as a gift or free program in order to get you to install it to your computer. While the program may work as described, it may also have extra hidden functions – like capturing and recording as much info as it can to send back to its controller.

Malware can be any combination of the above as well. Updates are extremely important to complete antivirus protection. When hackers get thwarted by antivirus software, they make changes to their malware. Once those changes are reported, antivirus programmers will add an update to thwart the hacker’s newest tricks. So if your antivirus program hasn’t been updated for a while, it’s on the losing end of a malware arms race.

Finally, remember what we said about trojans? They’ll disguise themselves as something helpful – like free antivirus programs. Make sure you’re getting your antivirus from somewhere reputable, and not a flashing web ad or a late-night TV infomercial. Socket offers a discount on 1-year subscriptions to Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ to our customers, so feel free to call any of our friendly techs at 1-800-762-5383 if you'd like to learn more!

Who is Socket

Founded in 1994, Socket is a Missouri-based telephone and Internet service provider with the largest service area in the state.

Socket is a privately held company that provides families and businesses a choice for local and long-distance phone and Internet service. We combine the highest quality customer service with in-depth technical knowledge.

Our network serves more than 20,000 residents and businesses in more than 400 Missouri cities, and our customers enjoy simple billing and quick, friendly service.

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