Step into the Marketing Gladiator realm with Allie Schomaker

She’s been hailed as a “marketing gladiator” so it’s no wonder we named Allie Schomaker as July’s You-Make-the-Difference winner.
Allie’s been with Socket’s marketing department for the past seven years. She helps plan and implement campaigns, oversees Socket’s customer communications and works on various other marketing projects.  
“She’s one of the hardest working individuals I know at Socket,” said one of the five co-workers who nominated Allie for this month’s award. “We are very lucky to have her on our team.” 
Allie’s originally from Marceline, MO. When she’s not at Socket, she enjoys running and reading, as well as spending time with her husband and two daughters. She also has a not-so-secret obsession with Kenny Chesney. (Seriously. She's seen him in concert a dozen times in five different states.)
"I love that I am constantly learning and doing new things here," said Allie. "Socket is an awesome place, and I'm grateful to be a part of it."
Congratulations, Allie!

You'll never need a mouse or crack your screen again

Right now, you should be excited! Why? Because we're excited….because what you’re about to see is simply the coolest thing we've seen this summer!


Feast your eyes on two awe-inspiring items: The Leap Motion and the Youm Screen by Samsung.


Let's talk about Leap first.


If you've ever seen a Kinect used with an Xbox 360, you can rest assured that this will not overwhelm the average user. 


It's a sensor that you place near your keyboard that utilizes the entirety of the air space above it, sensing all hand and finger motions with remarkable precision. The company behind the product has also launched a store with compatible apps.


You no longer need a mouse, keyboard, or trackpad. You can just use your hands. 



If your mind hasn't been blown yet, just wait.


You'll never break your screen again. In fact, you may have nothing but a screen housed in your next smartphone.


At their recent CES conference, Samsung debuted their Youm screens, incredibly thin, plastic OLED screens. These screens can bend, distort, etc, without breaking, losing quality, or suffering any longterm creases.


Samsung debuted how these screens could potentially be used in phones, allowing message display even when phone is covered, as well as the potential for new slide out screens and tablets that fold in half to become a phone.


Don't believe me? Check out this sample video of how life in "the "Samsung Bendable Screen" world could go.



They've even taken the technology and released the first curved TV. 


Socket's excited to be in an industry that continues to outdo itself for the betterment of the world around it. We love seeing advances that push today's boundaries.

What are “Enhanced Campaigns”? And why is Google auto-upgrading me?

Google’s offering new features to its popular AdWords tool with the addition of Enhanced Campaigns. These enhancements were announced in February, and July 22nd, 2013 was the official rollout date that Google announced as the day they would update all campaigns that had not been updated manually. In our latest installment, we’ll tell you what’s new and what you need to know about upgrading your current campaigns. 


Let’s start with why Google decided to make these changes. Google’s goal is “to make it easier for advertisers to promote marketing messages based on people’s context,” according to the company.


Translation: You don’t have to run a bunch of campaigns to target different devices and locations.


You can now bid differently based on device or location within the same campaign. So if your AdWords account looks like ours, that’ll take a lot of the campaigns and combine them.


You can manage these differences in bidding by setting allowances for a percentage of your default bids. This ranges from -100% (prevents ads from showing on mobile devices) to +300% (three times the prevalence) on mobile devices.


This saves you time, and allows for better management of campaigns and overall metrics.


When adding ads, you now have an option of restricting the ad to only mobile devices. Along with custom bidding within campaigns, you can also select which ads will show up where. 


Campaign settings now allow for targeting specific carriers and operating systems. For instance, an app that is exclusively available on the Apple App Store would only show up on iOS compatible devices.


There are a lot of great features to these updates, but the aforementioned are the biggest differences you will notice when creating campaigns. 


Easy-to-follow, detailed instructions on how to upgrade (assuming Google hasn’t ‘helped’ you along already) can be found here.

Life on the Wire

Wired or Wireless? It's a common question. Which is better for you? 


When considering wireless access, take into account what you are looking for in making the switch. Do you have mobile devices that will need constant access to a wireless network? Do you have one main desktop or multiple laptops and internet-ready devices? Where is your internet connection and is that where you want to use the internet?


All of these, and many more, are great questions to help aid your decision. If you live in a smaller home or apartment, wired access may be convenient and provide the consistent speeds you're looking for. If you have a lot of devices that would need access, consider a wireless option.


Generally speaking, being plugged into an internet connection will provide more consistent speeds than a wireless connection. That being said, most users won't notice a difference in their speeds and connectivity unless the network is under excessive use.


Many believe that a wireless option is preferable, but it really comes down to individual needs.


If you only have one computer, no wireless devices, and rarely host people who have such devices, a wired connection is all you’ll need. 


For those who have multiple computers and mobile devices/tablets, as well as blu-ray, gaming, and tv devices that need internet access, having a wireless router with an extra ethernet port or two allows wired access if it is needed, but wireless access in all other cases.


A Five Year Journey

Tia Stratman, Marketing Specialist, is spending her last day of five years at Socket today. But she tells the story in a much more exciting way. Good luck, Tia! We will miss you!

Now Accepting Fiber Orders in the City of Fulton | $50 Credit for Referring a Friend

We're now accepting fiber orders and pre-orders in even more parts of Callaway County! Not only that, but until July 15th, if you refer a friend, you get $50 referral credit and your friend gets $25!


Check out our recently updated project map for updates on construction and order dates. We’re now taking orders in the city of Fulton.


Enter your address on our website to see if you're in our fiber coverage area. If you are, you can also place an order or pre-order on our website.


Even if you're not in our coverage area, enter your address on our website or give us a call at 1-800-762-5383 to tell us you want fiber in your area. This will help us determine where we should expand in the future.


As always, give us a call at 1-800-762-5383 or visit to learn more about Socket's Rural Fiber Project.

Have you met Jason Vander Veen?

Jason Vander Veen, Socket YMTD Winner - June 2013A true office superhero, Jason Vander Veen was named June’s You-Make-the-Difference winner for always doing his best to keep things running smoothly.
Officially, he’s Tech Support Supervisor and Service Delivery Coordinator. Unofficially, he says his job description was a blank page with a line for a signature.
Jason helps to maintain sanity around the office by doing everything from resolving customer issues to helping with the more difficult technical problems. Currently, he’s helping businesses get set up with our Hosted PBX service. He helps set up the equipment, gets the extensions working, tests the service, and then helps coordinate training events to get companies going with the new phone system.
Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jason moved to Missouri and graduated from Jefferson City High School. When he’s not helping out at Socket, he enjoys fishing, camping and golf. Well…he used to enjoy golf. Having kids really messed with his handicap. 
Congratulations, Jason!

Who is Socket

Founded in 1994, Socket is a Missouri-based telephone and Internet service provider with the largest service area in the state.

Socket is a privately held company that provides families and businesses a choice for local and long-distance phone and Internet service. We combine the highest quality customer service with in-depth technical knowledge.

Our network serves more than 20,000 residents and businesses in more than 400 Missouri cities, and our customers enjoy simple billing and quick, friendly service.

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