Scott Stratman - Socketeer of the Year 2014

Scott Stratman, Socketeer of the Year 201410 years ago, Socket’s owners decided to honor one of our monthly You-Make-The-Difference Award winners based on their embodiment of our Core Values and Beliefs. As a result, a yearly tradition was born.
We are pleased to announce our tenth annual winner of the Socketeer of the Year award – Scott Stratman!
Other than owner George Pfenenger, Scott is the longest serving employee at Socket, having started here back in 1996. At the time, the company had fewer than a dozen employees, and only sold dial-up Internet service (we've grown a lot)!
Since then, Scott has become our Network Facilities Manager, working to make sure Socket’s network remains healthy as we continually add new services to it. His years of knowledge and experience with Socket are always a valuable resource for teammates to draw on, as well.
“He is never shy about helping out, or just being a friendly face if needed,” said a coworker who nominated him for the December You-Make-The-Difference award. “His many years of service also leave him with invaluable knowledge and skills… I am blessed to work with him.”
Originally from Jefferson City, Scott now lives in Ashland with his wife, Dena, and three daughters. In his free time, Scott can be found tinkering in his garage with “anything that has an engine,” a pastime he’s glad to see his daughters taking an interest in as well.
Congratulations, Scott, and thank you for everything you do for Socket!


Our owners also decided to honor two more You-Make-The-Difference award winners this year for their embodiment of our Core Values.
Demian Cook, Service Delivery Specialist: Raised in Montgomery County and a graduate of Wellsville-Middletown R1, Cook originally worked as a network analyst for the military before deciding to try something new. For the next 9 years, Demian worked with children in a variety of roles, including as a preschool teacher and for the Head Start program, before ultimately deciding to jump back into IT with Socket in 2012. And we’re glad she did!
"Demian is always willing to help out despite being as swamped with work as she is," said a coworker who nominated her back in September. "She's a wonderful teacher, explaining things clearly, or in different ways, if it didn't make sense the first time."
James Hicks, Business Center Analyst: Originally from Kenoma, MO, James moved to Columbia in 2011 after his brother, fellow employee Nelson, recommended he apply to Socket. He’s been here ever since, and was named our monthly You-Make-The-Difference award winner for the third time in August.
“James is incredibly diligent and tenacious in his quests to resolve issues with positive outcomes,” said a coworker who nominated him for his latest award. “It leads to happy customers.”
Congratulations and thank you to Scott, Demian, James, and all of our nominated Socketeers for making the difference for our customers. These individuals truly exemplify the Core Values and Beliefs that guide us.
To view other past monthly winners, visit

Don't Fall for These Facebook Hoaxes!

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. And definitely don't believe everything you read on Facebook! Here's a few of the latest hoaxes to float around on social media:

Keep Facebook from owning your photos (with legal mumbo-jumbo)!
This hoax has made a revival as of the new year, but it’s actually a few years old. Due to a “policy change,” Facebook is (supposedly) claiming ownership of everything you’ve ever posted to the site, including all photos. However, you can exempt yourself from this policy change by copy/pasting a wall of legal jargon to your Facebook page.
The problem is, there hasn’t been a policy change. Back in 2012, when this hoax first made the rounds, Facebook clarified that it hadn’t claimed copyright over anything, photos or otherwise.
Even if this hoax were true, that wall of text your friends are posting still wouldn’t do anything. Signing up for Facebook means accepting their terms of service – and you can’t just change that by posting something saying you don’t agree after the fact.
Facebook Now Requires an ID
Primarily spread through private message, this hoax made the claim that all users would have to submit a photocopy of an ID or birth certificate in order to keep their page. Users who did not comply, or users who had a name other than the one listed on their ID, would have their pages deleted.
This hoax pops up every few years, usually with nothing more than the deadline updated. First, no “official” Facebook notification is going to come in the form of a private message from Mark Zuckerburg. Second, the message is missing what should be the most important information – where to send your photocopied personal info.
(This is really for the best – and honestly, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone tries spreading this hoax as a way of collecting social security numbers!)
If Facebook really does have an important announcement, don’t worry – they’ll send you an official email instead.
Facebook is charging for service!
Here it is – the hoax so widespread that Facebook actually altered its homepage to combat it. Facebook has openly stated that at no point are they ever going to charge users to access their service.  And they’re not just saying that to be nice – financially, it would make no sense for them to do so.
Facebook makes their money by selling targeted ad space. The more information they have (for example, your interests, gender and age) the more valuable that information is to advertisers. But in order to acquire that information, they need users. Lots of them.
In other words, Facebook only makes money if you’re on their site. They have every incentive to make access free – and keep it that way.
Have you been forwarded any dubious Facebook claims lately? Let us know!

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