With collocation services from Socket, you can safely host your own servers and data equipment in our data center.

Take advantage of a climate and humidity-controlled environment, as well as continuous power and network backup.

Collocation means your equipment is housed securely, without you having to invest in your own costly data center.

You can also take advantage of direct access to Socket's network, which can reduce latency and aid in off-site data backup.

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Why consider collocation?

  • Protect your equipment. House your servers in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, complete with fire suppression and other environmental protections.
  • Ensure uptime. With battery backup and a redundant network, your equipment will continue to function even during an outage.
  • Save on space and cooling costs. Collocation frees up your server room and saves money on cooling your building.
  • Improve your connection. With a direct link to Socket’s network, you may notice less latency, as well as improved back-up transfer times.

Eliminate the hassle of maintaining your own data center, and share ours instead.

Give us a call at 1-800-762-5383 for more info on collocation services. One of our friendly business reps can tell you just how cold we keep our data center. And how a power outage never keeps us from working.

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