With hosted email services from Socket, you can create professional, customized addresses (like yourname@yourcompany.com).

With your communications in the hands of a local provider, you'll have the confidence and trust that servers are maintained properly to ensure smooth communications.

In addition, you’ll benefit from the junk-mail-fighting powers of Socket's spam filter.

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Why your business should have hosted email from Socket:

  • Professional addresses. Send your messages from a professional and consistent domain, giving you an instant image and credibility boost.
  • Improved reliability. Your messages will be hosted on servers with plenty of dedicated bandwidth. That means fewer delays and errors, and less downtime than with a large, overcrowded provider.
  • Greater security. With the utmost in server protection and monitoring, your accounts will be less vulnerable to hackers and viruses.
  • Local support. No more run-arounds from providers who won’t return your calls. Call your local rep with any questions or problems

Order 20 virtual email addresses for just $19.95/month. Additional blocks of five addresses are available for $9.95/month.

Or, save money by bundling with Socket’s Web Hosting.

To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-762-5383, or request a quick, easy quote.