Get rid of that clunky old fax machine for good, with Socket's Fax to Email service.

Stop worrying about ink and toner, and whether that antique machine is even answering calls in the first place.

It's simple and easy.  
Send incoming faxes straight to your email inbox.
Upload a file to our website to send faxes electronically.
Keep your existing fax number, or request a new one.
Request a quote.

A few more reasons it's time to go electronic and get your faxes by email:

  • Reduce hassle and costs. Save on maintenance, printing and ink costs. Worry about one less piece of office equipment.
  • Keep customer information private. When customers are faxing sensitive data, be sure it stays that way. Don't leave confidential faxes sitting on the machine for anyone to see.
  • Ditch the busy signals. Don't annoy your customers by making them wait around to repeat a fax.
  • Save employee time. Allow employees to focus on their work instead of running back and forth to the fax machine.
  • Mobile access to faxing. Employees who are frequently out of the office can still send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere.
  • Go green. Choose to print only what's necessary, what needs to be printed, saving money and the environment.

Technology has evolved. It's time your faxes did, too.

Call up one of our friendly business reps at 1-800-762-5383. They'll tell you all about how they get their own faxes via email, and how much they love it.

Or, request a quick, easy quote.

Features Include:

  • Receive unlimited inbound faxes.
  • Send outbound faxes for a reasonable rate.
  • Email notifications when a fax is delivered or an error occurs.
  • Faxes received as a TIF and PDF file.
  • Keep your existing fax number, or get a new one.
  • Fax hand-signed documents or contracts using a scanner or all-in-one printer.
  • Choose to have copies of all outgoing faxes sent to your email.
  • Multiple departments can share the same fax number.
  • Toll-free faxing available.

To use Socket's Fax to Email service you must have:

  • A program capable of opening and creating TIFF or PDF files
  • An email address capable of receiving large files
  • Modern Web browser
  • High-speed Internet connection recommended, but not necessarily required (depending on fax volume)