The convenience and functionality of a business phone system no longer requires a hefty investment or the burden of on-site maintenance.

Hosted PBX phone call appearance

Socket's Hosted Business Phone Systems can function over a variety of connections, including T1, Ethernet or even DSL in some instances.

With Hosted Business Phone Systems from Socket, you can:

  • Stop worrying about maintaining a physical phone system.
  • Enjoy a rich menu of features like find me/follow me, unified messaging and
    push/pull — no matter how large or small your business is.
  • Easily grow or reduce your phone resources as needed without maintenance agreements or expensive on-site work.
  • Create calling queues, auto-attendants or phone trees to efficiently route calls.
  • Improve business continuity and ensure your phone lines will remain in operation at all times.
  • Track and monitor your call volume, usage and other valuable data.

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For more information about hosted phone systems, check out the Features, Why Hosted?, or FAQ tabs at the top. Or, click one of the links below to compare hosted systems to traditional phone systems and hear how upgrading to a hosted business phone system impacted one of our customers.

How do hosted systems compare to traditional phone systems?

How Cornerstone Insurance implemented hosted systems to improve its business continuity efforts.
Take the hassle and worries of buying and maintaining a phone system off your shoulders.
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Hosted Business Phone Systems are packed with valuable features. Find out what VoIP features might be helpful to your business.

Auto Attendant A customizable, automated receptionist that allows callers to dial by extension or dial by name
Call Forwarding Forward calls to your cell phone when you're out of the office
Call Transferring Allows a user to transfer a call to another phone
Call Appearance See who is on the phone and route incoming calls accordingly
Call Center Allows the user to be an agent in standard and basic call centers
Call Paging Use phone systems like an intercom between office phone systems with push to talk features
Call Twinning Receive calls to your desk and your mobile phone each time your phone rings
Voicemail to Email When a user receives a voicemail, an email with the voicemail attachment is also sent to the user
Web Dialer Dial contacts by right-clicking their name on your computer
Do Not Disturb Allows a user to restrict all incoming phone calls
Call Parking Allows a user to suspend a call for an extended period of time and then retrieve that call from any extension
Call Pickup Users assigned to a call pickup group can answer calls from any phone in that group
Entry and Alerter Devices Assistance and remote entry devices allow you to communicate with visitors at the door. Visual and audio alerters allow users to be notified of calls in a queue
Music on Hold Allows a user to configure Music on Hold media
Night Service Change an automatic greeting oustide of office hours, and make remote adjustments

Your business may do just fine with your current phone system, but how would upgrading to the newest VoIP technology help? See how hosted business phones stack up against the premise-based systems with this helpful chart.

Attribute Hosted PBX Premise Solutions
  • Essentially Unlimited
  • Typically 1-10k Users
  • Limited number of IP Phones
Multi-Site Networking
  • Uniform Dialing Plans
  • Full Feature Set
  • Centralized Management
  • Hard-to-Manage Dial Plans
  • Limited Network Features
  • Service Islands
Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower Cost with Outsourcing
  • Higher costs overall: Staff & Support, Access
  • Limited CPE choices
Reliability, Resiliency, and Survival
  • Carrier-Grade platforms (typically well over Five Nines)
  • Cost borne by Service Provider
  • Robust IP networking, including geographic redundancy
  • Typically, Five Nines only by complex, expensive methods
  • Cost borne by Enterprise
  • Software reliability and churn remain in use
Technology Risk
  • Borne by Service Provider
  • Borne by Enterprise
Operations and Management
  • Centralized System Management
  • Located at CO and/or Data Center
  • Supports multi-location and multi-tenant usage
  • Separate Management Systems
  • Located at Customer Site
  • Typically supports single site
  • Non-networked

What is hosted phone service?

Hosted phone service is a VoIP phone service with a variety of technical features to increase business efficiency, reduce the volume of hardware in an office setting, and add obsolescence protection for equipment or software needs.

How much more will this cost me?

Hosted PBX typically costs about the same as traditional phone service. Call paths are cheaper than physical phone lines, so you pay less in phone service fees and can typically reduce your line count. The best way to find out is to Get A Quote.

What size business should use these services?

Businesses of all sizes can use hosted phone systems. The phone service can serve as little as one connection and up to an unlimited number of phones.

Can we use our existing phones with a Hosted phone system?

You will lease new phones through Socket. This takes the burden off of you to replace phones in order to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. Updates and phone replacements are handled by Socket.

Is the new equipment expensive?

All necessary equipment is covered under monthly licenses. This includes replacing failed hardware or updating obsolete equipment.

How hard is it to use the new phone system?

The Hosted phone system has a variety of intuitive features that can be tailored to your business. You will receive training for a seamless transition to your new, easy-to-use system. We also have friendly techs on standby ready to answer questions at your office and over the phone.

How long does it take to install?

The average install window for Hosted phone service is 30-60 days. This timeframe allows us to collect information, provide you with the features that would be best for your business, install the services and provide the training on how to use the system and its full spectrum of features.

What kind of packages are there for Hosted Business Phone Systems?

There are no pre-set packages for hosted phones. Each Hosted Business Phone account is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the business using it, so you get exactly what you need.

What if the equipment fails?

If your equipment ever fails or becomes outdated, Socket will replace it free of charge. With Hosted PBX you are paying for the entirety of your phone service, and there are no additional fees associated with equipment.