Welcome to Access, a quarterly newsletter from Socket published as a service to our clients and other Missouri businesses. Included are general articles and tips concerning telecommunications and related topics.

Access - Socket's Business Telecommunications UpdateRead the Current Issue: Learn how Callaway Community Hospital in Fulton, MO replaced an outdated phone system  to improve patient care. Also, find out what "the cloud" means for your business, how to protect your network from security threats and how to tell if your business needs a new phone system.





Fall 2012: Learn how Cornerstone National Insurance improved its call center and disaster recovery efforts with Hosted PBX. Also, how Missouri schools are using E-rate to save up to 90 percent on telecom services, and how dynamic bandwidth allocation can maximize your existing resources.
Cornerstone National Insurance - Schools and E-Rate - Dynamic Bandwidth - Disaster Recovery
Fall 2011: Find out how Lincoln County Bancorp connects multiple banks with MPLS technology. Also, ensure your phone system is safe from hackers and learn more about Fax-to-Email from Socket.
Lincoln County Bancorp - Meet Our Programmers - Protect Your Phone System - Fax to Email

Spring 2011: Find out how Williams-Keepers, LLC solved bandwidth problems with an upgraded, more efficient network. Also, is your phone provider on your side? And learn whether MPLS Over DSL might be a good way to connect remote sites to your MPLS network.
Williams-Keepers LLC - Anatomy of an Outage - MPLS Over DSL
Fall 2010: Find out how ProEnergy Services found a local provider to fit its global needs. Also, are "bandwidth hogs" consuming valuable company resources? And learn whether VoIP or traditional phone service might be a better fit for your company.
ProEnergy Services - Identify Bandwidth Hogs - Is VoIP Right For Your Business?
Summer 2010
: Learn how the City of St. Peters consolidated a disjointed network and saved money in the process. Plus, find out how secure your VoIP system really is, and check your phone bill for charges from scammers.
City of St. Peters - Scammers Stealing from Your Phone Bill - Is VoIP Secure? - 4 Handy Uses for DIDs
Spring 2010
: Find out how Boyce & Bynum slashed half of their long-distance bill and updated their network with Socket. Also, learn whether MPLS might cut your networking costs, protect important customer data and implement four technology time-savers.
Boyce & Bynum - MPLS: Right for You? - Protect Your Customer Data - Four Technology Time-Savers
Winter 2010
: Find out how Family Health Center saved money and built a faster, more seamless network. Also, learn whether a T1 might be just the cure for your VPN woes, and how automatic call failover can help make sure all your important calls get answered.
Family Health Center - Automatic Call Failover - Is Your VPN Underperforming? - Check Your Phone Bill
Winter 2009
: Learn how the Missouri Public Defender System upgraded its network without increasing costs. Also, find out if a T1 or conference calling could save your business money, and find out how much Web hosting space your Web site needs before adding video and audio content.
Missouri Public Defender System - Conference Calling - Adding Media to Websites - Why T1?
Fall 2008
: Find out how the Missouri National Education Association partnered with Socket to save money and virtually connect six office locations. Also, find out what your business is really paying for long-distance, and learn why call accounting can help any business operate more efficiently.
Missouri National Education Association - Call Accounting - What's Your Real Long-Distance Rate?
Summer 2008
: Learn how Gaslight Properties connects to agents, buyers and sellers using state-of-the-art technology from Socket. Also, identify office "bandwidth hogs" to improve network performance and learn why data backup is critical for any business.
Gaslight Properties - Data Backups - Bandwidth Hogs - Hidden Benefits of T1s
Spring 2008:
Learn how Central Technology Services manages a complex network by partnering with Socket for telephone, Internet and networking services. Also, compare three common business Internet options and learn if your business should be conducting conference calls to save time and money.
Central Technology Services - Who's Sharing Your Internet? - What is MPLS? - Conference Calling
Fall/Winter 2007
: Learn how Advanced Radiology of Columbia depends on voice and data services from Socket to efficiently serve its patients. Also, find out whether your business is ready to upgrade to a T1 and learn how to check your phone bill for errors.
Advanced Radiology - What is Automatic Call Distribution? - Have You Outgrown DSL? - Check Your Phone Bill
Summer 2007: Find out how the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association saves money and conducts well-managed conference calls with telephone service from Socket.
Missouri Automobile Dealers Association - Communication at a Distance
Spring 2007
: Read about featured client Vaughan Pools & Spas, learn how to obtain a special telephone tax credit and find out more about Socket's new corporate headquarters.
Vaughan Pools and Spas - Socket Opens New Corporate Headquarters
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