View a list of Socket resellers - authorized computer stores we've teamed up with to provide our customers with high-quality computer parts and service.

Are you a trusted local computer expert in your town?

Help us spread the word about Socket's friendly, reliable connections by becoming a Socket Reseller.

Just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Extra cash. You'll earn $20 for each new customer you sign up, with no limits to how much you can make!
  • Additional service offerings. With the ability to offer customers access to quality Internet service, your customers will seek your guidance in filling even more of their computer needs.
  • Increased store traffic. Socket will refer customers in need of computer sales and repair to your business when it goes beyond the scope of our technical support.
  • FREE complimentary dial-up account. Whether you use it to test modems, access the Internet while traveling or for personal or business use, you'll enjoy our best dial-up package free of charge.

Socket makes it easy for you to sign up High-Speed DSL and dial-up customers. Use our online registration tool to sign up customers right in your store, or distribute coupons so customers can sign up later.

You'll earn cash for every customer that signs up.

No cost. No commitment. No minimum sales requirements.

Find out more in this brief information packet or give us a call at 1-800-762-5383 to get started.