Need the functionality of a phone system without the hefty bill?
A virtual auto attendant can help. Often with no additional equipment.
Route calls
automatically or via a phone menu, so callers get exactly where they need to go.
Set schedules for calls according to day, time of day or the DID number dialed. You decide how calls are handled.
A virtual auto attendant works well for businesses that:

  • Operate primarily via cell phones and need to establish a professional image.
  • Receive several calls with simple questions about store hours, location, etc.
  • Have peak calling periods during which callers sometimes receive busy signals.
  • Manage a hotline with remote workers answering calls.

With Socket's simple interface, it's easy to route calls in a way that works for your business.
To learn whether a virtual auto attendant is right for your business, call us at 1-800-762-5383 or request a quick, easy quote.