These instructions are for Windows XP. For assistance with another operating system, please contact Socket Technical Support at 1-800-762-5383.

1. Click Start, then Control Panel

2. Double-click on Network Connections. (If you do not see this, try clicking Classic View.)

3. Right-click the Socket icon, then click on Properties.

4. Remove the phone number from the Phone Number box and input the local 7-digit phone number for your area. Depending on where you are dialing from, you may have use the full 10-digits, i.e. 5738867300. If in doubt, try to call the 7-digit number from a handset and if that does not work, try to call it with 10-digits. Also, ensure there is not a checkmark next to the Use dialing rules box. When done, click OK at the bottom and close the current window.

5. Click Start, then Control Panel.

6. Double-click on Internet Options. (Again, if you do not see this, try clicking Classic View.)

7. Click the Connections tab.

8. Highlight your Socket account and click Settings.

9. Add an to the end of the user name in the User name box. If you are dialing a local Missouri number, or dialing from Quincy Illinois, you should not have the after the user name. Click OK and then OK again.