These instructions are for Microsoft Outlook in Windows XP. For assistance with a different email client, please call Socket Technical Support at 1-800-762-5383.

1. Click on the Tools menu, then click Email Accounts. A new window will appear.

2. In this new window, select (make sure the black dot is next to) Add a new e-mail account. Click the Next button to continue.

3. Select the second option on this page, POP3. Click Next.

4. Complete the following fields:

  • Your Name: Your real name
  • Email Address:Your Socket e-mail address (
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Username: First part of your Socket email address (if your email address is, you would enter littlebit). Make sure to only use lower-case letters.
  • Password: Your Socket password, all lower-case.
  • Click Next to continue.

5. Press Finish to save your settings.

Congratulations! Your new email account is complete.